How to be consciously immortal?

Photo reference: Rene Magritte Title: ‘Not to be reproduced.’ 1937

Digital Conscious immortality = both your digital and physical selves simultaneously accepting that one and the other are the same thing and conscious at the same time.

When you see yourself in the mirror. Imagine the mirror is the metaverse, which for simplicity’s sake is the digital world which runs in parallel to our physical lives. Whilst you physically stand in front of the mirror, your physical body and bio-chemistry in your physical mind believes that the image in the mirror is you. Really you.

In the digital metaverse, if we ever want to be ‘consciously immortal’, not just a dump of memory and behaviour recalls, then the technology has to be so advanced that allows our digital selves on the metaverse to feel conscious and spiritually connected to the physical self, before the original physical self expires. This parallel consciousness will not be possible with any generation of synthetically created physical selves after the original physical self perishes. This simultaneous conscious recognition of the digital and physical identities accepting each other, that they both are real and present in the two worlds at the same time will be the key to our immortality and making real space and time travel possible.

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